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Montgomery Shelf Unboxing and Build

Part Three of the Studio upgrade.

Unboxing and building a Montgomery 5 Shelf Metal Storage Unit I picked up from Bunnings Hardware for around $49.

Montgomery seems to be a “cheap” brand from Pinnacle who I have used before. You can definitely tell the difference in the quality of materials (as you will see in a big fail in the video), but ultimately for $50 it’s a pretty decent shelf for general storage like this.

I’ve done a few similar units before so I will pass on a few hints and tips in building these types of units. In the next video I look at securing the shelf unit to the wall for safety – including another fail from the Montgomery stuff.

  • 07:24​ – Start unboxing.
  • 14:45​ – Start build.
  • 20:50​ – Get what you pay for
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Quick follow-up workshop tour after 3 hour cleanup.

After doing the initial workshop tour (see link below), I spent about 3 hours cleaning up the basics. Cleared up all the recycling and bagged it, swept the floor, put away all the pots, and just generally tidied up. Still left with a fair bit to do for next weekend but at least its a start and you can see the workbenches again.

Had some great feedback and ideas for shelving etc – please keep them coming in the comments below or on facebook.

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Initial shop tour of the workshop and shed, pre-cleanup.

Quick first tour of my shed / woodworking workshop.

It was initially built in 1950’s as a wool classing shed hence the big size. 1/4 has been converted into a “granny flat / studio” – but still a big space to play with.

Needs a serious cleanup and tidy. Been a bit lazy putting things away and it’s just snowballed.

Looking for some ideas to best upgrade the next step. Lots of wall space but not sure how to utilise it best. Any ideas and comments appreciated.

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