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Updated 2.0 Workshop Tour 2020 #aussieworkshops2020

Decided it was time to post an update to my workshop tour. Inspired by all the other Aussie makers who posted theirs for #aussieworkshops2020​

Firstly – thank you to those that supported me in #movember​ over at http://bit.ly/MQ-Mo​ I raised $1000 which personally was pretty amazing really. Hopefully next year with lessons learned, better prep, we can hit our goal of $999,999.

The workshop / shed is a bit of a complete mess at the moment with so much tidying to be done after several projects and tools just left stacked on the center table. Plus keep buying new stuff and not putting things away. I know…

Has been an insanely busy 12-18 months. The video stuff was taking up Uni time so needed to readjust there. Plus my work as a teacher’s aid went from 1 day to 3 to 5 days full-time so pretty much everything else got put on hold. Good for $$ and buying new toys though…

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