Part 1: Montgomery 4 Shelf Metal Storage Unit, from Bunnings. Unboxing and some tips and ideas.

OK firstly – Hello 🙂 Been ages since I have had the time to edit and upload a video. (don’t really have time now but it’s either this or do a uni assignment so…) Had loads of fun launching the channel a few months ago but got behind in everything else so had to take a “little break”. I’ve got about 6 or 7 videos recorded and ready to edit / publish, plus plenty of more ideas to come over the summer break – including a couple of new additions to the family for everyone to meet.

Wanted to do another shelf build incorporating all the ideas and mistakes made doing the first ones. In Part 1, I go over the unboxing of the Montgomery Shelves, connecting the sides with pins and brackets, and talk a bit more about anchoring these types of things to the wall securely.

And yes – I spelled Montgomery wrong in the new video title card….

Apologies for some of the sound in this video too. Kids were playing outside in the swimming pool, had a different audio setup along the way. But I think it came out OK. I did a course on iMovie a few months ago so hoping to work on those skills a bit over the holidays.

These Montgomery / Pinnacle shelves from Bunnings are a great quick solution for storage in a workshop, shed or spare room like this. Bunnings seem to have a few weekends a year where they get a heap of cheaper units to sell. Keep an eye out for them.

Hoping to get Part 2 of this out ASAP. Either way – thanks everyone for the support as I launched Maximum Chips in 2019.

Have a great Festivus and I will see you in 2020. Michael

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