Attaching a DIY shelf unit to a plasterboard wall. Parts 1, 2 and 3.

How NOT to attach a shelf to a wall… followed by How TO attach a shelf to a wall…

Here I explain how I attach the Bunnings Montgomery shelf I assembled earlier to a plasterboard wall. This is really important as many kids and adults get severely injured or die each year from accidents involving pulling shelves and bookcases down on top of themselves.

As you will see in the video – it doesn’t go so well the first time using the provided kit that came with the shelf. But I’ll let you discover why – as I did watching this video back and seeing the mistake.

Ultimately you can do this fairly easily for about $2-$3 a shelf and takes 10-15 minutes. So really there is no excuse to not secure things like this. Actually in a future video I have planned I have an even easier way to do this for other types of shelving or if its already in place and full.

I also cover the basics of using a stud finder.

This is Part 4 of our Studio update series. Keep watching till the end for a surprise visitor!

  • 0:00​ – Part One: Using the included shelf kit.
  • 6:00​ – Part Two: Ruh Roh.
  • 7:45​ – Part Three: Using the Ramset Wall Anchor

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